“Investing” into the future of NFT marketplace and DAO incentive model.

Mintable falls into a awkward category during launch. For my initial thoughts on Mintable NFT-DAO, .

On one hand, it’s a groundbreaking and bold move by Mintable to introduce a non ERC20 governance token. Its goal is to promote true decentralised governance without price manipulation and pump & dumps occurring on exchanges.

On the other hand, potential $MINT buyers or existing $MINT holders probably don’t really see a monetary value in $MINT other than the ability to vote/propose. Liquidity may also be an issue as NFTs can’t be traded on an decentralised exchange like…

World’s first DAO governed by NFTs, instead of ERC20 tokens. But why?

Pardon my design skill

WTF is an NFT DAO? Yep, that’s my initial impression as well. But after finding out more from the materials provided by , it all makes sense now. I don’t usually write about a specific project on my personal medium (not even for my own projects/clients) but this is a special one. Is it because I can hype it up, pump up the price and dump it in the secondary market like most of the governance tokens? Nope. Even if I want to, it is not possible. I will explain the reason in the latter part of this article.


Is it the future or a market bubble?

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DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is a set of Distributed Ledger Technology based financial services and applications intended to augment or replace the currently existing centralised financial system. In recent weeks, the amount of funds locked up in DeFi services have increased exponentially and is inching towards US$10 billion. DeFi evolution has seen DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) experiencing higher trading volumes, with lending protocols attracting increasing investment.

However, the concept of DeFi is not relatively new. In fact, since the beginning of Ethereum, there have been various projects…

As Block Live Asia comes to a conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in BLA.

Momentous week indeed. It’s a crazy and ambitious idea to organize a large scale conference with such a lean team and it wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work and support.

Sneak peek!

The benefits to cryptocurrency regulations are clear in the certainty of use and value, consumer protection, excluding bad players, and ensuring cryptocurrency is used for legitimate and good economic reasons.

Unregulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

A few months ago, BitForex was just one of the hundreds of obscure, new cryptocurrencies exchanges that spawned. Yet, the exchange has caught the attention of many, recording daily volumes exceeding $5 billion, in some instances topping prominent exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and Bithumb.

On CoinMarketCap, the adjusted market volume of BitForex is more than $1 million whereas the 24-hour market volume is more than $5 billion.

Relating back to my regarding STOs, i mentioned and liquidity are comparatively reduced for these tokens, as securities can’t be traded as freely as the Utility Tokens since securities are subjected to many country-specific restrictions.

Most of the current market activity has come from utility tokens. While its predicted that the trend in utility token issuance will continue, security token issuance will also gain prominence. Anecdotally, there will be more and more companies going to great measures to ensure compliance with local securities regulations, particularly in jurisdictions outside of Asia.

As liquidity remains one of the…

*Nope, is not (Star Trek Online) And seriously, if you think it is, you are on the wrong page my friend ;P

Most cryptocurrency projects’ are designed to offer a way to participate in their network in some way (e.g. a mechanism for ). However, majority of this utility tokens are still used to raise money for projects with the expectation of a return on investment for investors who then trade them on secondary markets.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if the company states that they…

As most of you may be aware, it was revealed in April 2018 that WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum is leaving the company amid arguments with parent company Facebook over repeated attempts to make use of the personal data of their userbase. The timing of this couldn’t be worse for Facebook, who is doing damage control over the where Facebook is revealed to have shared the data of up to 87M users.

Facebook usage of WhatsApp user data has in fact, been going for some time. In 2016, it was reported that WhatsApp would

Upon the news of SWIPE’s partnership with Kenetic Capital, let me just share with you why is it beneficial and important to SWIPE.

What are the few important things you look into, to determine if a new cryptocurrency is reliable? How important it is to have a reputable Blockchain Firm (Kenetic Capital) backing up a blockchain startup?

We are about to find out!

Billion dollars tech companies like Facebook and Google have been dominating digital advertising for many years, primarily due to advertisers consistently seeing a better return on investment on these platforms. As a result, they have produced tremendous profits. The formula to this achievement?- They have access to our personal data; whenever we do a search or click a link, they are able to capture our preference and behavior online. Therefore with such a huge database users on these platforms, advertisers are eager to engage them.

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